3 Charities that Pick Up Your Donations

Moving out may require you to deal with tons of stuff that you might not need in the first place. If those things are still eligible for further use, why don’t you donate them?

Furniture items are excellent for donations as long as they are in good shape and condition. Instead of selling, giving to others in need would be better in many ways.

So, what charities will pick up your donations? This article has three names of donation centers that will be happy to pick up your donation items.

#1 The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is excellent for donating in general. This one is an international organization that distributes your donations around the world. The Red Kettle project is the most favorite activity of this organization during the holidays.

The Salvation Army accepts various items, such as automobiles, computers and electronics, decorations and household items, dishes and kitchenware, furniture, clothing, and appliances. The organization will distribute the donations to older adults, veterans, disaster victims, and other eligible individuals.

You can use the Salvation Army pickup service, after all.

#2 Furniture Bank Network

If you are looking for a place to donate home goods, the Furniture Bank Network might be a perfect option. This organization helps people take care of their houses with practical and comfy secondhand goods from the community.

Recipients can get those furniture items for free and only pay for the delivery fees.

So, who can accept this donation? Furniture Bank Network requires people to get a referral or recommendation from its social service partners. It will ensure that the help goes to qualified ones.

Other than furniture items, Furniture Bank also takes electronics, appliances, clothing, decorations, dishes, and kitchenware.

Some groups of people get into Furniture Bank’s priority list. They are immigrants, homeless, unemployed, disabled, disaster victims, and those who experienced domestic violence.

#3 Habitat for Humanity

Meanwhile, if you look for a donation center specifically for furniture, Habitat for Humanity will be happy to help. This one is a non-profit organization with an ambitious humanitarian goal.

Habitat for Humanity works by collecting monetary donations to renovate and build affordable housing, which people in need can apply for. It is also the reason why Habitat for Humanity is suitable for donating furniture in general.

Other than furniture, this organization also accepts vehicles, building materials, and appliances. Make sure that the items you donate are still functional.

Habitat for Humanity will distribute your donations to individuals and communities in countries across the globe.

Please don’t donate junk

Donating means giving something that is still eligible for use. Before donating, ask yourself whether or not the item will be helpful for the recipient. If the things are broken and unusable, you shouldn’t put them into donations.

If you are not sure, contact a junk removal company to take care of those items. More than anything, donating should feel right. Donating junk doesn’t sound right at all.

And this is anything you need to know about charity organizations that take furniture for donations.