4 Facts You Should Know about Amish People

America is the land where people from around the world gather and live together. Among many people that live in the land of dreams, one of them is the Amish people. They are one of the communities that have been living in America for a very long time. They arrived in the early 18th century. Here, we will let you learn more about them, their culture, and many interesting facts you might never know.

Language They Are Using

Amish people speak in an old dialect. We know them as Pennsylvania Dutch, which is the derivation of the word “Deutsch”, which is also known as German. Therefore, many of them, especially the community that lives in Indiana, have dialects similar to the Swiss-German language. Yet, they also can speak and understand English.

The Place They Live

Amish people live an isolated lifestyle. They are not influenced by modern ways of life and limit access to the modern world. Therefore, most of them live in urban areas. The original area where this community stays is Ohio. Now, you can find them easily in 30 states of the U.S. They also live in Canada. But, if you want to search the largest Amish community, you can always go to Ohio or visit Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Population Growth

They are also known as one of the communities in America that has the highest population growth speed. In 1920, their population was around 5,000 people. Currently, the Amish community can easily reach more than 300,000 people. The high population growth speed is due to their belief. Amish people believe that large families are a blessing from God. Moreover, having more family members helps them at the farm, which is their occupation because they live in isolation.


As we mentioned before, the Amish live in a secluded and isolated area, away from the modern lifestyle. That is why they have no contact with modern technology. This community does not use cars, TV, computers, the internet, and such. These are the rules of this community that has been around since a long time ago. The one who watches the implementation of this rule is called “Ordnung,” a German word for order.

These limitations are necessary to prevent any assimilation effect to the community that can decrease their cultural value. However, lately, you can find many modern technologies have entered this community, even still with limitations. For example, they can use 12-volt car batteries but not 120-volt electricity sources. The Amish also can’t ride motor vehicles, but they can hire an outsider to drive them. Some Amish people even work at a company owned by an outsider.


The Amish are indeed one of the fascinating communities where you can learn many interesting things from them. Fortunately, you can find many places where you can learn more about them. Try to find out about their lifestyle, culture, and view of this life and world. From those resources, you might learn more about life and how to live peacefully, as many Amish people do.