4 Types of Packages to Consider when You Want to Send Flowers to Istanbul


Sending a flower bouquet is one of the ways to show your feelings towards others. Nowadays, you can even send flowers to Istanbul for your beloved friends and family members. A specific service, such as Flower Delivery Istanbul offers a variety of flower bouquets for any event. Check the example of the flower bouquets below.

Roses Flower Bouquets

Roses flower bouquets are one of the most popular products. Roses are the symbols of love and beauty. That’s why people order these bouquets for their beloved ones for anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, marriage, and many more. The type of rose is not only limited to red roses. Nowadays, you can order a bouquet of pink, peach, yellow, or white roses. The numbers of flowers are also various. You can order a bouquet consisting of 11 to 21 flowers.

Orchids Bouquets

Roses are not only the symbol of love. You can also express your love by sending an orchid bouquet. This flower looks attractive, beautiful, and luxurious. Phalaenopsis is one of the recommended orchids if you have a plan to send flowers to Istanbul to say thank you, Valentine’s Day, sympathy, and show your love. The service often packs this flower bouquet with a ceramic pot. It looks simple but elegant with white, black, or pink ceramic pots and gravel.

Flowers in a Box

Flowers in a box are good if you want to find a flower bouquet alternative. This product often consists of several flowers. For example, a box of flowers may consist of orchid phalaenopsis, rose cappuccino, Ecuadorian roses, anthurium, gypsophila, and hydrangea blue ocean. You can also order a box of cymbidium orchid, Mattiola, spray roses, Ligustrum, and dianthus. This product is perfect and outstanding to bring or send for congrats on a new baby, sympathy, thank you, Valentine’s Day, birthday, and anniversary.


You can’t only send flowers but also plants to your friends and family members in Istanbul. The plants are also various, including money tree, pink anthurium, prayer plant, Ficus ginseng bonsai, and even citrus. Your friends or family members will be so happy when sending it to their anniversary, birthday, or special events, especially if they are plant lovers.

Now, you can send flowers to Istanbul as an alternative to give a special gift to others. The process is easier and faster. Best of all, you have a bouquet with a variety of flowers to choose from based on the favorite of the receivers.