HomeHaps.com, A Place for Turn Your Photo into An Art

A photo is said to be able to tell you a thousand stories. It also holds a hundred memories that happened when that photo was taken. We want to always enjoy them all the time, especially if it is a photo of our beloved person. But, displaying your beloved photo in the standard way in a photo frame will feel less special. For that reason, homehaps.com is here for you.

What Does Homehaps.com Do?

This website offers a photo art service that will turn your ordinary photo into a beautiful painting. They have several choices of art style you can find. The standard and maybe the most popular one is the watercolor style. Your portrait of family, friends, partners, or even pets will be repainted into a watercolor painting. It will look more beautiful and artistic. You can display it in your room without any problem.

The watercolor style is the main product/service of this website. However, there is also one service where you can order a pencil-color style sketch portrait. This service is only available for a pet portrait. So, get your dog, cat, or any pet that you have ready, take their picture, and send it here to get their beautiful personalized touch portrait.

Watercolor painting is not the only service that HomeHaps have for you. They also can apply that beautiful art style to various things. A simple painting you can hang on your room wall is the basic media you can order for them. But, if you want to get your watercolor-styled portrait on other things, like a blanket, banner, or canvas with various types and styles, they can do them for you.

So, if you want to personalize your items with the beautiful art of your portrait, you can do it here. That also means that you have more options for a gift. Do you want to get the best and unique birthday gift? Or, do you need a special gift for a special occasion, like Christmas or Thanksgiving? If you couldn’t choose what kind of gift you want to give to your loved one, send the portrait to HomeHaps. They will do the magic for you.

Benefits of Using HomeHaps Services

They are all professional and skillful. Therefore, the result is very satisfying. Moreover, its service is also affordable. What we like the most about HomeHaps is how they give more freedom to their customers. You can add more photos, change the color, or style for free.

Contact them to tell them what you want to change or add. Moreover, within 1-3 days, you also will get a preview of your order. Find out how your order will turn out. The preview also helps you to decide whether you want to change or add something to it.


A personalized portrait could bring a different atmosphere to the meaning of that portrait, especially with the watercolor style. Therefore, it is not too late to try the service from homehaps.com. We believe they will give you the best touch on your portrait and something you have never experienced before.