5 Tips to Maintain Your Hot Tub Cover

An outdoor hot tub could become the best place where you can relax or hang out with your family or friends. However, its outdoor location makes it prone to damage because of weather. Therefore, you need a good quality Hot Tub Cover. Now, if you already found and buy the best cover, the next thing you should do is maintain it. Treating your hot tub cover correctly will help it to stay longer and truly protect your hot tub. For that reason, we have several tips about maintaining your hot tub cover. Let’s see if you have done everything correctly.

Remove the Cover when Cleaning

When you clean the cover, make sure you remove it first from the hot tub. That way the cleaning agents won’t enter the water. You also can prevent the dirt from entering the hot tub, which can cause a problem like a blockage. Furthermore, removing the whole cover also allows you to clean it much easier. You can reach any spot that you want to clean without having any problem.

Use Hose to Clean

When you wash the surface from dirt, leaves, or debris, make sure you use a hose. Use it at low spraying power, so it won’t damage the surface. Using the hose also saves your time to remove all those objects rather than wipe them with a cloth or cleaning tool.

Maintaining Your Hot Tube Water Condition

It doesn’t make sense. However, the water in your hot tub also can affect and even damage the cover, if you didn’t maintain it properly. The chemical inside the water can ruin the material of the tub cover. Therefore, make sure you keep the water clean and see its chemical level and condition. Try to keep it in a balanced condition. That will prolong your hot tub cover lifespan.

Use Vinyl Protectant

Most of the hot tub covers use vinyl as the material. Therefore, you also need to treat it with a vinyl protectant product. You also can buy the vinyl conditioner for better protection. Apply this product on the hot tub cover surface after you clean it. Make sure that the cover is dry before you apply it. This product will make it clean, soft, and free from a crack that damages its surface.

Put It Back and Keep It Clean

Once you do all the steps mentioned above, you only need to put it back in your hot tub. Also, make sure you keep it from debris, snow, water, leaves, and any other object. You don’t need to do the thorough cleaning and maintenance process too often. Just make sure it is free from those objects.


The maintenance process for the hot tub cover prevents it from getting any problem that also can damage your outdoor hot tub. Make sure you do it regularly to ensure that the hot tub cover works well. Ask for help from a professional, if you don’t have the confidence to do all the maintenance processes for your Hot Tub Cover.