Primer and Setting Spray: Keys to Long-Lasting Makeup

It cannot be denied that makeup makes women feel more confident. Most professions even require women to put makeup on since they are in the frontline, meeting a lot of people. In this condition, it is important to have long-lasting makeup because you surely do not have enough time to retouch your makeup again and again. It is not hard to have long-lasting makeup. You only need 2 keys: primer and setting spray.


Primer serves as a base for makeup so that it can perfectly stick to your skin. If the makeup perfectly sticks to your skin, it will be long-lasting and not easily fade. There are several types of primer, here they are.

  • Blurring or Pore-Minimizing Primer

Blurring primer is also known as pore-minimizing primer. As the name implies, this type of primer is suitable for those with large pores. It is made from silicone polymer, filling pores and spaces on your skin to make it look more even. You can also use it for wrinkles and uneven skin textures. However, you are not suggested to use a blurring primer every day since it can lead to clogged pores.

  • Mattifying Primer

Mattifying primer is a solution for those with oily skin to have long-lasting makeup. This primer is usually thick, with a lotion texture. Mattifying primer controls excessive oil so that your makeup will last for a day. If you have combination skin, you can apply this type of primer only on the oily part of your skin. Some brands like Bobbi Brown and Chanel occasionally give primer as free makeup.

  • Hydrating Primer

Opposite to mattifying primer, hydrating primer is designed for those with dry skin. As you can guess from the name, hydrating primer can moisturize the skin so that makeup can stick to the skin better. Using this kind of primer can minimize cracked makeup. It makes makeup blends better with the skin. Unlike blurring primer, you can use it for daily use since it has no side effects.

  • Illuminating Primer

Illuminating primer is designed for those with dry, dull skin. This primer contains shiny particles, making the skin look glowing, smooth, and moisturized. It is ideal for you who love dewy makeup.

Setting Spray

Applying setting spray after you have finished applying your makeup is a must if you want a long-lasting one. Setting spray can make your makeup look flawless, oil-free, and more natural. Setting spray comes in 2 finishings, which are matte finish and dewy finish. Matte finish setting spray is suitable for oily skin; it locks excessive oil in the face. If you have dry skin, you can choose dewy finish setting spray.

Dewy finish setting spray mostly contains moisturizing content, such as hyaluronic acids. This kind of setting spray is also ideal if you spend most of your day in an AC room. Choose one that does not contain oil though you have dry skin because it will make your makeup easily fade when the temperature gets hot.

You can find websites that offer free makeup in the form of samples.