4 Basic Face Paint Ideas You and Your Family Can Try

Face painting is a good way to have fun at a city fair or similar event. Best of all, you also can do it with your kids. It will look cool when your entire family has unique and similar face painting when you go to that kind of event. Guaranteed, your kid will be happier. Here, we are going to help you with some of the best face paint ideas you can try with your family.

Tiger Face Painting

Try to paint a tiger face, and you will get one of the coolest looks ever. You can use the real animal tiger image as the model. Or, you also can use the cartoon tiger character or superhero. Moreover, you also have many options for color. Try the orange or yellow color, which is the standard tiger fur color. Or, you can draw the white tiger for more exotic looks.

Butterfly Face Painting

A butterfly is also another good face painting idea. Its wings have various colors, which look great on your face. Moreover, you also can adjust the size to your liking. Try to paint it so it covers your whole face with your eyes becoming one of the marks on its wings. Or, you also can try a small butterfly on your cheeks. That will look cute. Try it with your family and have a uniform butterfly theme face painting for the festival.

Unicorn Face Painting

One of the best things you can get from using the unicorn as the face painting idea is the colors. Moreover, you have more freedom to decide what kind of colors you can put on your painting. So, you can match it with your kid’s or family’s favorite colors. Make it brighter and cute, or cool, you can do them all with a unicorn as the face painting model. As for the location, the latest trend is painting it on the forehead area, so it looks like a mask with the horn in the middle.

Skull Face Painting

The previous face painting idea is more in the cute category. This one is cooler and even scarier. Yes, we are talking about the skull here. Try dark color around your eyes and nose to create a hole like a skull. Then, combine white and other colors to create a gradation around it. It likes sculpting your face and makes it show the skull behind its skin.

However, if you plan to draw it for your kids, you also can make it cute. Use white as the base and another bright color, like purple, blue and yellow, to add some decoration. Put it around the eyes or nose and cheeks. You don’t have to draw your whole face with it. Try half-face painting and make it a cute face makeup.

Those are some of the face paint ideas you can try. Explore more ideas that you think you can put on your face. Do not hesitate to try something new, apply a different color combination, or use a unique painting model. The key here is having fun.