5 Colors of Maine Coon That Make You Even Love This Breed

You should know about Maine Coon cats before taking care of them. The colors of Maine Coon cat are one of the crucial things to learn to get the best one. Nowadays, there are over 84 Maine Coon colors and pattern variations available. Check the common Maine Coon hues below.

Black Maine Coon

It is one of the most Maine Coon hues available. Besides having a solid black color, a Maine Coon cat can also have black smoke, black with white, black smoke with white, black tabby, black tabby with white, black silver, and black silver with white. They are also sleek and intriguing. The black smoke Maine Coon cats refer to the silver undercoat on the solid color. The white color often appears on the chest.

Black Torties and Torbies

Black torties and torbies are also popular colors of Maine Coon. Maine Coon lovers love it because the cats look mysterious without losing their cuteness. This gene also consists of several variations, including black torties with white, black smoke torties, and black smoke torties with white. They often have long fur undercoats. For the black Torbie gene, you can have a black Torbie with white, black silver Torbie, and black silver Torbie with white.


It doesn’t mean that you will have a Maine Coon with a solid blue hue. The blue color means the diluted version of black. Blue Maine Coon cats are coming from parents with blue color or carry the dilute gene. Sometimes, you will also get blue with white, blue smoke, blue smoke with white, blue-tabby, blue tabby with white, blue silver tabby, and blue silver tabby with white. It depends on the parents and the genes.

Blue Torties and Torbies

Just like the black Maine Coon version, the blue version also consists of the blue Torties and Torbies. The fur color is a combination of white, blue, and fiery red. The blue Tortie gene often also brings the white, blue smoke, and blue smoke with a white combination. On the other hand, the blue Torbies often also come with blue silver and blue silver with white.


The red Maine Coon cats are also charming. They look bright with the fiery red and long fur. Some cats often have white, smoke, or red smoke with white. You can also get the red tabby Maine Coon version with a thicker red fur. Most of them also have white around the neck. The red silver is the opposite of the red tabby version. The red color is lighter, along with a sparkly silver undercoat and white. It is also one of the most popular colors of Maine Coon among cat lovers.