How to Choose the Correct Pet Isolation Center for Your Cat

Due to pandemics, the traffic to each country has been limited. There are many procedures that you need to follow to enter a country. This rule is applied to not only humans but also pets. Now, if you have a cat and take him for a trip to another country, you might have to put your cat in an Einangrunarstöð fyrir gæludýr first.

The pet isolation center is not a place for detaining your cat. It is a pre-caution act to ensure that your cat is safe and healthy enough to enter that country. Each country provides various types of isolation centers for a pet. To ensure your cat is comfortable enough when you leave it there, you should choose the right place. Here, we have several tips on how to pick a pet isolation center.

Look for A Place with Many Experiences

Pet-related business quality is visible through how long it survives in the industry. If they can’t provide satisfying and safe service, they will close down in no time. Therefore, a pet isolation center that runs its business for years is a trusted place for your cat. Also, search for how long they deal with a cat as their clients. Find one that has, at least, 10 years of experience to treat a cat. That is the sign that they know how to treat this cute animal safely and comfortably.

Their Vision on Running a Pet Isolation Center Business

What was their goal when they started this business? Try to find this answer from their official website. Or, you also can use the review or testimonial to see how they run their business. The best place is the one that is aware of animal welfare and its laws. Thus, they create a place where the pet can have fun and safely leave with the highest standard.

See the Rooms Directly

If you use the pet isolation center close to the hotel where you stay, you can visit that place directly to see the room’s condition. Make sure the room is wide enough for your cat to play around. The room also must be equipped with CCTV. That way, the staff can monitor the animal, including your cat, for 24 hours. More importantly, it also has a suitable environment that your cat likes. It will reduce your cat’s stress and give it more comfort and fun.

Experienced and Trained Staff

You don’t want to leave your beloved cat to someone who doesn’t know how to treat a cat or other animal. Therefore, make sure the staff of the pet isolation center you use has many experiences and finished the training for working with the animal. If they also have certification, that’s another good sign you can use to consider the place you will use.


Now, you are ready to choose the best place to keep your animal during your first visit to other countries. Make sure you follow our tips above. They will help you to pick much easier and get the best Einangrunarstöð fyrir gæludýr that you need.